Braving the Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought severe challenges to the world. As we face a completely different world and way of life, digital technology applications have become the key to acclimatizing to the new landscape and seizing new opportunities.

As early as February this year, a few young entrepreneurs at Cyberport realised their innovations could contribute to the fight against the virus, kickstarting the Braving the Epidemic campaign. This initiative quickly gathered momentum as start-ups and technology companies within the Cyberport community rallied to provide digital technology solutions that would help the public tide over current difficulties.

Today, Cyberport’s “Braving the Epidemic” campaign has evolved into a selection of over 60 applications to help fight the epidemic and respond to the new normal, catering to the needs of frontline medical staff, parents, schools or students adapting to home learning, those forced into quarantine at home, grassroots families and other disadvantaged communities, as well as small to large businesses reeling from the pandemic’s economic impact and more. The initiative provides resources and references for local and overseas companies or institutions in need, while actively connecting complementary start-ups and companies within the community to join forces and better serve the public.

As society enters a new normal, the demand for digital technology is bound to grow. We at Cyberport and our community are ready to march ahead in this unique role with staunch commitment. Through solidarity under the “Braving the Epidemic” banner, and by leveraging the strong resilience of digital technology, we will lead society to embrace innovation, realise opportunities to drive sustained growth of the new economy, and walk with Hong Kong as we set out to navigate the new normal.


Billion Best (Solacetree)
Under the threat of the coronavirus outbreak, many people are understandably worried about the possibility that they could become ...
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Working tirelessly to safeguard the health and well-being of others, medical professionals are at the forefront in this fight agai...
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Bull B Technology (UVC Robot)
Disinfection practices are important to reduce the potential for virus, according to the World Health Organisation. The need to cl...
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Bull.B Technology (100nm mask)
For many, it has been a pain to see the city's people hunting for face masks when protective gears were in acute short supply at t...
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Bull.B Technology (School Parent Corner)
The suspension of classes in Hong Kong, as a measure to contain the spread of the virus among students, has resulted in the widesp...
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For patients with chronic diseases or underlying conditions, an appointment with healthcare professionals provides more than mere ...
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Technology never stops in making communication easier for its users. After slightly over a decade since inception, WhatsApp has be...
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Eggplant Technologies Limited
COVID-19 has had a major impact on the fitness industry. Operation of all gyms have been suspended after confirmed infections. Wit...
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During normal times, Hong Kong has hosted them all — everything from private previews for high-ticket items, to world-class trad...
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Find Solution Ai
The COVID-19 outbreak, which started in Hong Kong in January, kept school gates firmly closed for four months since the end of the...
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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus at the beginning of this year, delivery service has been in growing demand. From distributio...
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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, school classes were suspended and students were advised to stay home. Without students, many ed...
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HelloToby Technology (HK) Limited
The social distancing measures implemented amid the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in great numbers of people in self-isolation, u...
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HK Pick-up Limited (Pickupp)
As some people infected with COVID-19 might show only mild or even no symptoms, both citizens and travellers are advised to seek m...
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Hong Kong Decoman Technology Limited
The relationship between building maintenance and public safety can never be underestimated, especially at a time of severe public...
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Distance learning is not a new concept, but for many students and teachers, forced distance learning for a prolonged period of tim...
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MAD Gaze
The outbreak of COVID-19 has not only changed the way we live, but also the way we work. Like most of the world's major cities, Ho...
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Negawatt Utility
Without a hint of doubt the global outbreak of COVID-19 has become the most dangerous health issue in modern times for the world's...
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Okay Healthcare
Cyberport-based healthtech start-up OK Care has set its mission to facilitate caregiving through technology. With the goal of bett...
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The fight against COVID-19 is a concerted effort for everyone in society. Unsung heroes are constantly fighting in various fronts....
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Rice Robotics Limited
The epidemic's global development has had a ripple effect on Hong Kong. Large numbers of Hong Kong residents now returning from ov...
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Roborn Technology
Technology advancement can greatly improve people's well-being and quality of life. With the mission to integrate technologies int...
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Roborn Technology (Unicorn)
New sporadic community infections of COVID-19 are signs that, despite the fact that almost everyone is wearing a mask in Hong Kong...
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Snapask Hong Kong's Limited
For many people, virtual learning might well have become the logical solution at the height of Hong Kong's COVID-19 epidemic when ...
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Time Creation Limited ("FindDoc")
Normal people's lives have been hugely disrupted due to the coronavirus epidemic. And this in turn has shed light on the future of...
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Unissoft Technology Company Limited
Digital transformation offers users flexibility and freedom to manage data remotely; it is indispensable at a time when city-wide ...
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Social distancing is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Hong Kong SAR Government has put in place measures to prohib...
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Zunosaki Limited (HandyRehab)
Local visiting restrictions which have been applied to certain facilities, understandably, might not appeal to everyone. Residents...
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    【敢創抗疫#03 Bowtie】更好的醫療保障
    在新型冠狀病毒疫情期間,香港人除了忙於搜羅醫療物資,也更著力加強自己的衛生意識,確保自己擁有健康的體魄,盡力保護自己免受疫情侵襲。 由數碼...
    【敢創抗疫#05 Roborn】流動體溫探測機械人
    【敢創抗疫#05 Roborn】流動體溫探測機械人 新型冠狀病毒能夠透過飛沫及接觸傳播,身處人口密度冠絕全球的香港,難免擔心自己在不知不覺...
    【敢創抗疫 #07 Negawatt】打造永續性防疫大廈
    【敢創抗疫 #07 Negawatt】打造永續性防疫大廈 2003年非典型肺炎的出現,令香港人意識到樓宇設計有機會導致疫情擴散而加強了防疫...
    【敢創抗疫 #10 Bull.B Tech】家校溝通的橋樑
    在疫情期間,如何做到「停課不停學」成為家長、學校及學生苦惱的一大難題。要讓學生在家中也能持續學習,家長及學校之間的溝通就至為重要。 成立於...
    【敢創抗疫#13 Okay Healthcare】你的健康,由我來照顧
    【敢創抗疫#15 Clare AI】抗疫資訊的重要性
    【敢創抗疫 聯乘系列 02 Me2You x CSAA x GOGOVAN】抗疫資源共享 HK2gether
    新型冠狀疫情持續,無論口罩定係各種消毒用品都成為咗抗疫必備嘅物資。 為咗幫助更多弱勢社群可以得到齊備嘅資源,一齊面對疫境、渡過難關,由數碼...
    【敢創抗疫#20 EventXtra】虛擬活動平台
    【敢創抗疫#20 EventXtra】虛擬活動平台 隨著新型冠狀肺炎疫情的出現,保持適當的社交距離成為了抗疫共識。然而,對於展覽、論壇以至...
    【敢創抗疫#21 GRWTH】遙距教學支援聯盟
    【敢創抗疫#21 GRWTH】遙距教學支援聯盟 新型冠狀肺炎疫情嚴峻,學校早前亦再一次停課,以確保學生安全。為了確保學生在停課期間仍然能夠...


    乖孫女研智能「三合一」系統 遙距照顧獨居祖母
    智能監察 IVE生研程式監察家中長者 跌倒心跳異常即示警
    疫情礙探訪長者 IVE生與初創公司開發智能監察系統 助遙距照顧
    【居家安老】疫情下探望長者次數大減 工程學生研發智能系統監測長者健康
    【敢創抗疫#19 FinMonster】百分百擔保特惠貸款資格評估
    【敢創抗疫 聯乘系列 03 虛擬保險x樣本速遞服務】送遞員的保障
    【祿泉樓】群組爆發傳播鏈 懷疑確診者速遞交樣本更便捷?
    【敢創抗疫#18 Caretia】護士視診護理服務
    數碼港初創協同創新 合作互補「敢創抗疫」
    【敢創抗疫#17 PortfoPlus】監測疫情大廈
    5G將令AR智能眼鏡成新潮流?可人面辨識、導航、即時翻譯餐牌 公幹毋須再帶電腦?
    打破時間地點限制保私隱可匿名諮詢心理輔導配對App 填市場空白
    【敢創抗疫#16 MaskSaver】保衛口罩
    【捐口罩】數碼港收集抗疫物資 轉贈有需要人士
    第二階段「共享抗疫資源」進行中 全港設50個抗疫物資收集點
    數碼港夥社聯收集抗疫物資轉贈有需要人士 料逾20間慈善機構受惠
    心理學家推諮詢App 助尋情緒出路
    【眾籌捐口罩】本週末起全港50個收集點 捐抗疫物資予20多間慈善機構 (附收集點)
    【捐口罩】50個地點收集抗疫物資 逾20間慈善機構受惠
    【捐口罩】資源分享平台收集防疫物資 20間機構受惠送贈弱勢社群
    低風險篩查病毒 無接觸應診檢測
    「星之子」推可重用抗菌口罩 獨創 UV 袋紫外光殺菌!
    速遞業疫市下突圍 GOGOVAN代購外賣日用品
    FindDoc夥GOGOVAN 問診取樣檢測肺疫
    【數碼港 x ViuTV 今日疫情:科技抗疫】
    【敢創抗疫#13 Blue Sky】打造藍天,由你我做起
    本地創科企業推手機會員卡系統 疫情下手機落單助小店留熟客
    星之子夥紡織界研可重用口罩 可重複清洗50次
    口罩肺炎│星之子陳易希研發可重用口罩及口罩袋 一套售180元
    打卡兼探熱 「望兩眼就得」
    【數碼港 x ViuTV:科技點樣幫助紓緩疫情?】
    【疫市營商】平台抽成高中小食肆難捱 本土科創推外賣網免佣渡難關
    新冠肺炎・4.8|增25宗確診 公布第二輪抗疫基金 延長限聚令
    GOGOVAN及Pickupp 擴大接收私家醫生病人檢測樣本
    【新冠肺炎】政府推上門收抵港隔離者深喉唾液樣本 費用100元
    衞生署方便抵港者提交唾液樣本 明起提供上門收取服務
    【新冠肺炎】兩初創企業明起增上門收取深喉唾液樣本服務 收費100元
    【新冠肺炎】GOGOVAN.Pickupp 周五設上門收取樣本速遞服務 衛生署更快收集 COVID-19 病毒檢測
    抵港人士家居檢疫自行收集深喉唾液樣本 GOGOVAN、Pickupp明起提供上門收取速遞服務
    「加強化驗室監測計劃」明日起可上門收唾液樣本 速遞費100元
    家居檢疫者唾液樣本 GOGOVAN Pickupp可上門收
    「裝修佬」 疫市突圍 網購收入倍升
    藉平台優勢 助4800戶免費檢查排氣管
    【武漢肺炎】WhatsApp 一㩒就查到邊楝係「強制檢疫大廈」
    Whatsapp一按即查 本港強制家居隔離人士居住大廈名單
    【新冠肺炎】實測 AI WhatsApp 即查強制檢疫人士居住大廈資料 輸入大廈或分享位置即知結果
    Whatsapp 即找 新冠肺炎 隔離人士 檢疫大廈資料 AI 使用教學
    專訪教育綜合平台 GRWTH:疫情有危亦有機
    【新冠肺炎】科企AI分析大廈數據 藉SARS研究倡加強樓宇防疫
    【新冠肺炎】各國急謀大流行對策 防疫機械人成未來科技重點?
    【科技抗疫】如心酒店推送餐機械人 由AI智能幫隔離人士送外賣到房
    【疫市商機】港教育科技公司配對「問功課」 助超級老師月入4萬
    【敢創抗疫 #08 裝修佬】點止裝修咁簡單
    【敢創抗疫:數碼港 x Bowtie 於園區派發搓手液】
    【敢創抗疫 #09 Solacetree】遇疫境要自強
    【疫市商機】線上「問功課」公司 夥陶傑拍片 亞洲八地逆市淘金
    齊心抗疫時期 數碼港初創利用科技解民困
    【敢創抗疫 #06 Mobile.Cards】2盒,Thanks!
    網上補習平台 Snapask 獲 B 輪融資  料疫情有助促進網上教材發展
    【同期加映】5G智能防疫機械人  協助人手體溫監測
    【疫情百日】網上教育大茶飯!Zoom成搶手貨 老師變身KOL:同學積極過平時
    【搵錢呢啲嘢】機械人助抗疫 三港男擲八位數研發完夢
    邀專科醫生「fact-check」坊間傳言 拆解抗疫迷思 醫健平台吸收視
    網上培訓講座 提升創意思維
    網上服務中介平台 助解日常生活難題
    【新冠肺炎】FindDoc設註冊護士視像評估病徵 推抗疫資訊助Fact-check
    【敢創抗疫 #04 Toby】為你守護家居衛生
    Corona-catalyst: Is this digital insurance’s moment?
    網上學習平台Snapask 逆市融資2.73億
    Snapask捕捉停課商機 募資突破3.9億
    【停課】網上學習問題多 朱子穎:環境因素令電子學習難實行
    一站式醫療護理平台 講求配對效率
    疫情驅使企業加快數碼轉型 科技紓解生活及經營難題
    【敢創抗疫#02 GRWTH】停課不停學
    港產防疫機械人 自動攔截發燒者 每秒移動1米 人群中游走測體溫
    【逆境下敢創同行 數碼港社群建構抗疫數碼科技】
    【敢創抗疫#01 FindDoc】尋找醫學智慧的故事
    【新冠肺炎】港企創手機APP「2 THX」 整合口罩開賣消息
    【一文睇清】17間保險公司因疫情推額外保障 三間非投保人都受惠
    本地開發體溫探測機械人 針對武漢肺炎作流動監察
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