Alice Wong / Marketing Manager

Pickupp cares about employees and embraces challenges altogether

The fifth wave of the COVID outbreak has led to a citywide shortage of delivery agents. To maintain a stable service and provide better care to the agents, Cyberport incubation programme alumnus and a major delivery service provider Pickupp has proactively offered insurance coverage to its delivery agents even if they work freelance. With improved benefits such as inpatient and body check allowance, more frontline staff can come to work with confidence and deliver better service.

Pickupp’s proprietary technology enables more flexible delivery time and location as well as an efficient matching of human resources to work. Pickupp also provides real-time GPS tracking on all orders, allowing both sender and recipients to track the order 24/7.

As a technology flagship and a start-up incubator, Cyberport has nurtured talents and startups to build a resilient economy. To learn more about Pickupp’s service, please visit:

Company Profile

As a Cyberport Startup Alumni Association (CSAA) member, smart logistics platform Pickupp was established in 2016. It employs highly advanced automated systems to smoothly process a growing pyramid of delivery orders, effectively reducing misallocated resources. Now, Pickupp's highly regarded business can be found across four jurisdictions, offering timely delivery services to over 10,000 clients on a daily basis.

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