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Without a hint of doubt, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has become the most dangerous health issue in modern times for the world's entire population. Unfortunately, the danger levels remain higher here in Hong Kong due to the city's densely-packed population and high concentration of indoor activities. By introducing the Sustainable Immunised Building (SIB) solution, Cyberport community member Negawatt Utility helps prevent the spread of this deadly disease by reducing people's exposure to infectious agents inside buildings.

Digital transformation key to sustainable immunised buildings

In light of the threat of the coronavirus, Negawatt's self-developed and award-winning Building Operating System comes to the fore again. Forming the backbone of the newly launched SIB module, the cloud-based tool employs the IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. It constantly monitors a range of key elements in pre-determined spaces, checking air pressure, airflow patterns, and critically at the times of transmissible diseases, the concentration of dangerous pollutants.

The data collected are then processed, co-ordinated and analysed in a real-time manner on the centralised platform. Thanks to the system's deep-dive integration into the building's electromechanical installations, any essential controls needed can be immediately deployed to instantly improve the air quality, via changes made to parameters such as indoor air circulation and ventilation.

The highly versatile SIB solution, which comes featuring in-depth consultancy services, including expert reviewing of a building's electromechanical, ventilation and drainage systems, can be applied to virtually all types of buildings and facilities. It has never been easier for landlords and building managers to take advantage of digital transformation for next-generation technical services.

Quick facts

  • Negawatt's Building Operating System collects and processes 10 million data per week.
  • SIB solution is widely deployed in more than 70 buildings across ages and purposes in Hong Kong.
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