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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Hong Kong has kept school gates firmly closed for four months since the end of the Chinese New Year holidays. An estimated 900,000 students had to familiarise themselves with this new normal: digital learning. For many of these youngsters, though, digital learning has been a new concept. Cyberport alumnus, Find Solution Ai, released an upgraded version of its AI-powered learning tool 4 Little Trees, which has made digital learning both easy and fun.

An innovative way to keep an eye on students' learning progress

The technology of artificial intelligence is in the core of the digital learning tool developed by the accomplished technical team of the Cyberport alumnus. Math- and ICT-focused 4 Little Trees was designed to offer users adaptive and personalised learning experience, all without the burden of huge hardware investment to start the digital learning journey.

The easy-to-use smart learning tool combines AI technology with emotion-analysing tools, collecting critical emotion-related data via the camera system of an electronic device, such as a tablet. Collected data will then be analysed and compared, offering the teacher advice concerning students' learning. The technology acts like a dedicated teacher who is steadily keeping an active eye on each individual student—without blinking for a second, and without the need to wait until a course work, quiz or examination is marked.

Around 20 secondary schools have already subscribed to the service. In the company's pipeline, there are still more new developments: a webinar solution on 4 Little Trees is nearing a trial scheduled this summer, extending the appeal of this digital learning tool.

Quick facts

  • Online ICT mock examination adopted by 34 secondary schools, benefitting up to 5,000 students.
  • The learning tool will be adopted by educators in selected international schools in Mainland China and Japan later this year.
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