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Free telemedicine service from AIMC

During the fifth wave of the pandemic, if you feel unwell and require medical consultations, but worry about contracting COVID-19 when making a medical visit to hospitals or private clinics, telemedicine service is there for you! Cyberport startup and digital medical consultation platform Alpine Intelligent Medical Corporation (AIMC) participated in a free telemedicine campaign organised by The Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus on March 27. Doctors of AIMC went online at the same time to provide free telemedicine service for the grassroots, who benefited in a safe manner.

Telemedicine has popularised in times of the pandemic in recent years. AIMC, which became a tenant of Cyberport three years ago, has launched a mobile app in the hope of shortening the reservation and waiting time of patients and optimising the process of medical consultations. Through this mobile app, AIMC has integrated technology into traditional medical services, putting technology and telemedicine into practice and providing high quality medical consultation service for people. Learn more about AIMC:

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