Ceci Yen / Corporate Communications and PR Manager

GOGOX expedites delivery of essential services to HK people

Delivery services have been affected by the fifth wave of COVID-19. Many small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce, and online stores are under colossal pressure with delayed door-to-door delivery services! Cyberport-invested unicorn enterprise GOGOX makes good use of its platform, providing diversified distribution services.

GOGOX not only joined hands with Alfred24 to expand logistics coverage and increased pick-up points such as smart lockers, reduced contacts during the logistics services, and greatly improved the flexibility of logistics services, especially under the epidemic. It also joined hands with Hong Kong Red Cross to provide free door-to-door delivery service of testing specimens and daily supplies for those in need. This service genuinely reflected the spirit of Braving the Epidemic and contributed back to society!

GOGOX, with funding from Cyberport Macro Fund, has redefined the logistics industry with innovative technology which connects individuals and businesses with over thousands of logistics partners and alleviates the impacts to both daily lives and businesses.

Company Profile

Established in 2013, GOGOX (previously GOGOVAN) is the first app-based platform for logistics network in Asia, with the highest market share in Hong Kong. The company connects individuals and businesses directly to drivers and redefine delivery experience by providing diversified and seamless services. GOGOX has expanded its business to over 300 cities, with more than eight million registered drivers under its network.

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