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The outbreak of COVID-19 has not only changed the way we live, but also the way we work. Like most of the world's major cities, Hong Kong has imposed various lock down measures, and our workplace was never the same again. Cyberport incubatee, Mad Gaze, has now unveiled the ME Support remote assistance solution powered by the company's self-developed AR glasses. This has empowered workers to 'see' all the action, while helping enterprises to keep their business running in a contactless way.

Contactless business solution to minimise COVID-19 impact

Since the beginning of 2020, a large number of national governments have issued both strict entry restrictions and quarantine measures for travellers; thus international business travel has basically come to a standstill during the epidemic. Yet, to survive, businesses can never really stop. With the assistance of MAD Gaze AR glasses, ME Support offers real-time communication by implementing AR technology to help various industries maintain their productivity and operations.

With this solution, using AR-enabled technology, the first-person perspective provided by the smart glasses is directly synchronised on the remote, and connected to an expert's screen, seeing virtual information overlays on real surroundings. For the best possible effect, this interactive experience is supported by a range of technologies: video streaming, real-time voice, text and translation, screenshot sharing, real-time recording, file transfer, and multi-person meetings.

The technology's deployment allows frontline factory workers, wearing the smart glasses, to stream the situation from their own first-person perspective to remote experts for monitoring, or to seek assistance and advice. Meanwhile, back-end experts can operate on computers or other mobile devices, while others put on their smart glasses and watch the AR screen to work collaboratively.

Quick facts

  • Maintain productivity in various industries during the epidemic.
  • ME support has already been applied in various industries such as medical, security, property management, logistics, engineering, education, retail, etc.
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