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New sporadic community infections of COVID-19 are signs that, despite the fact that almost everyone is wearing a mask in Hong Kong, contaminated surfaces in public facilities could be the weakest link for the city in its fight to stop the spread of the disease. Manual cleaning with chemicals is effective, but it creates additional workload and risks for frontline workers. Cyberport start-up Roborn Technology released an UV light robot to help disinfect public spaces, creating a safe environment for all to enjoy.

Disinfecting public surfaces with robot fitted with motion control system

Roborn�s latest UV light robot, Unicorn, makes the best of the highly developed motion control system of the robotics-focused start-up. The system combines some of the latest 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing technologies. It is thanks to this sophisticated system that Unicorn can be remotely controlled to move to designated sites in order to get the disinfecting work done.

Unicorn is equipped with ultraviolet radiation lamps all around for the emission of the UVC, a short-wave UVR used as a sterilisation medium for nearly a century, especially in hospitals� operation theatres. Thanks to the built-in 360 camera and extendable arms, the robot can reach and sanitise virtually every corner of the room.

The advanced design of Unicorn means the robot can move around inside a hospital ward or an outdoor playground equally well. The powerful motor ensures that a gentle slope will be overcome with ease, while the top-mounted camera system allows its remote controller to station it in places longer where more intensive cleaning is needed.

Quick facts

  • Equipped with a 360-degree camera for a far-reaching disinfection coverage.
  • More affordable compared to similar products available from Mainland Chinese and overseas manufacturers.
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