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The relationship between building maintenance and public safety can never be underestimated, especially at a time of severe public health crisis. Sporadic clusters of confirmed COVID-19 cases in public housing buildings have once again caused confusion and fear for residents. Cyberport alumnus, Hong Kong Decoman, made good use of their online renovation portal, to quickly put together skilled technicians to get a significant number of housing units inspected for possible faulty sewage systems, granting residents solid peace of mind.

Building inspections and renovation-related works arranged at fingertips

A suspected leak in a public estate building's ventilation pipe was found to be responsible for the spread of coronavirus, causing multiple infections in that building. There have been worries that the specific design of the sewage system commonly found in public housing estates could be a source of health concern.

In order to ease the public’s apprehension, Hong Kong Decoman made the best of its online portal, hkdecoman, to reach out to and assemble a network of qualified renovation professionals in a short period of time, offering free inspection, basic repairing and disinfection services to numerous public housing estates located across the city.

Meanwhile, in view of the importance of delivering expertly reviewed information, the company has taken effort to upload onto its platform a host of practical and informative videos and articles.

The portal has become increasingly popular with ever-expanding services. The online store, HKDecoMall, is fast becoming the “go-to” online store for electronic DIY tools and a wide range of building materials.

Quick facts

  • Inspected 4,800 units of the Y2-type buildings across 16 housing estates to identify faulty sewage systems.
  • Regularly shares practical building maintenance and self-inspection tips online.
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