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Technology never stops in making communication easier for its users. After slightly over a decade since inception, WhatsApp has become a widely adopted communication tool favoured by individuals and businesses alike. In order to support a sizeable growth in business users for the messaging tool at the times of the epidemic, Cyberport alumnus, Clare.AI, unveiled the highly intuitive WhatsApp Team Inbox (WATI) solution that greatly raised the productivity and efficiency of business users in an increasingly transformed commercial world.

Reaching out to new clients with the text and voice messaging tool of choice

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are the backbone technologies fuelling the growth of Clare.AI, whose business solutions rooted in technology have been adopted across a spectrum of businesses. The tech start-up has spent years making the best of WhatsApp's application programming interface to develop virtual assistance to significantly improve a business's customer service.

However, the use of numerous seemingly unrelated numbers may not be the best approach for an enterprise to engage with customers. In view of this, WATI was developed to support multiple users of a business using the same WhatsApp number for a wide range of services including automated reply, the broadcast of personalised messages, chatbot application, and more. It is an especially attractive proposition for businesses that receive a huge number of enquiries every day.

Only months after unveiling, WATI has already won recognition and appreciation from retailers of various sizes, e-commerce operators and members of the travel and hospitality industries. New users have welcomed the marked increase in customer engagement and much improved response time for customer enquiries that WATI has given them.

Quick facts

  • Clare.AI has been appointed one of 30 WhatsApp official global partners; the messaging tool is used by over two billion users worldwide.
  • Over 100 enterprises have adopted the Hong Kong-developed application since its launch.
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