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OneDegree fights the pandemic alongside medical workers by donating HK$100 million worth of critical illness insurance coverage

The fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic caught Hong Kong off-guard, but a group of professional medical workers rose to the occasion to protect the people of Hong Kong. As a show of appreciation to the fearless and selfless medical workers, Cyberport incubation programme alumni and virtual insurance company OneDegree has announced that they would support medical workers by donating a total of HK$100 million worth of critical illness insurance coverage. The first 1,000 applicants who are certified Hong Kong medical workers could receive complimentary critical illness insurance coverage for the first six months if they sign up for it on or before 26/4.

With the rising popularity of NFTs and blockchain technology, securing digital assets has become a future focus for insurance companies, including OneDegree, which recently signed a long-term partnership with Munich Re to launch digital asset insurance product “OneInfinity”. OneDegree has since become Asia’s first insurer to provide digital asset protection with the support of a world-leading reinsurer, and is set to provide a much-needed service in the thriving Web3 community.

In OneDegree’s early days, Cyberport provided the virtual insurer with much support by connecting them to partners and investors, thus nurturing the growth of Hong Kong-based virtual insurance and financial technology to help reinforce Hong Kong’s role as a major player in the Asian fintech scene. It gives us great pleasure to see OneDegree give back to Hong Kong as we brave the epidemic together!

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Company Profile

OneDegree is Hong Kong's first InsurTech company to offer non-life insurance products exclusively on its digital platform. Founded in 2016, the company is financially backed by well-known companies investing in the financial technology sector, such as BitRock Capital and Cathay Venture, while getting strategic support by Cyberport. The company works with Munich Re and Scor Re, two global giants in the reinsurance space.

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