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Digitalised insurance claim service removes a virus transmission medium

Coronavirus can be spread through personal contact and respiratory droplets. Therefore, to prevent contraction of the disease, it is a good idea not only to reduce social activities, but also to avoid contact with items that may be contaminated. The first Blockchain-based medical ecosystem in Asia developed by MediConCen offers a digitalised platform, on which looking for a doctor or filing an insurance claim can all be completed digitally. The platform plays a significant role in reducing the risk of infection during these challenging times by eliminating social contact and written correspondences.

Last year, MediConCen launched the first Blockchain-based medical ecosystem in Asia, providing their clients with a seamless claim experience for insurers, medical networks, doctors and customers alike. The Blue Cross HK mobile app developed by the start-up for the insurance broker, for example, allows customers to search for nearby registered doctors, with reference to their real-time location. Users can also register and pay via a QR Code, and then even submit outpatient claim applications through the mobile app. The entire procedure is totally paperless and contactless, thus removing an important transmission vehicle for this dangerous virus.

MediConCen is now in partnership with two insurers, providing services to over 200,000 customers and 470 doctors. Its network keeps expanding and will continue to offer efficient and safe claim service both during and after the pandemic.

Quick facts

  • The first Blockchain-enabled medical ecosystem in Asia
  • Provides a contactless claim experience for insurers, medical networks, doctors and customers

Company Profile

MediConCen is a Hong Kong-based InsurTech start-up committed to providing a seamless insurance claim experience. In 2019, the company launched the first Blockchain-based medical ecosystem in Asia. By implementing Blockchain technology, MediConCen automates the complicated insurance claim procedure for clinics, medical networks and insurers, enhancing the overall operation efficiency. The system was widely recognised in the industry and has won more than 10 innovation and technology awards in China, India and Hong Kong.

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