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Automl Capital - AI-driven investment management weathers the storms of the fifth wave with the underprivileged by donating anti-pandemic supplies

The timely distribution of anti-pandemic supplies during the fifth wave of the pandemic was of utmost importance. Cyberport incubation programme alumnus and WealthTech/digital assets management advisory company AutoMLCapital, in light of this, raised funds and donated anti-pandemic supplies to the disadvantaged, helping them weather the storms amid the COVID-19 surge. For instance, AutoML Capital partnered with Zonta Club of the New Territories II to procure medications, antipyretic pastes and rapid antigen test kits in a short period of time and donated them to the needy through St. James Settlement to fill up on medical supplies when there was a severe shortage of antipyretic and cough medications. The livelihood of many workers was also affected by the pandemic, so AutoML Capital purchased and collected shopping vouchers from retail groups and distributed them to the families in need.

AutoML Capital provides asset management advisory and AI-driven investment management services. Through their AI software, AutoML Capital helps less experienced investors with decision making and formulating investment strategies. Recently, the startup received an award for its excellent service in artificial intelligence at the Hong Kong FinTech Impetus Awards 2022 organised by Metro Finance.

As Hong Kong’s digital technology flagship and incubator for entrepreneurship, Cyberport provides support in funding, office renting and investor networks, helping startups realise their ambitions. The I&T ecosystem and business development networks built by Cyberport have injected impetus into the local I&T industry, powering its long-term development. Together, we fight the epidemic! Find out more about AutoML Capital:

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