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VisionMatrix keeps Hong Kong healthy with facial recognition tech

During the pandemic, most of us would never leave home without wearing a mask. With only our eyes on show, it may be difficult to tell people apart. Even computers may have a hard time doing so. many widely used facial recognition systems become less accurate when reading faces covered with masks or other accessories. Using innovative technology, Cyberport incubation programme alumnus VisionMatrix has found a way around this, creating a highly accurate 3D video search engine that applies the company’s computer vision big data, artificial intelligence, video facial analytical software and a facial recognition algorithm targeting mask-wearers. VisionMatrix is known to be able to identify and locate a missing person just by an ear, and accurately search and locate people infected with Covid-19 to safeguard public health.

When the pandemic broke out two years ago, VisionMatrix began exploring ways to combat Covid-19 with their proprietary technology. In addition to slowing down the spread of the virus, VisionMatrix’s technology has also helped affected retailers increase sales efficiency through its video-based customer analysis service that looked into consumer behaviour, thus reducing the operational costs and improving the sales efficiency of retailers.

Since joining the Cyberport Incubation Programme in 2018, VisionMatrix has been actively developing technologies to help mitigate the effects of the pandemic and give back to society. Learn more about VisionMatrix’s accurate video search solutions:

Company Profile

Cyberport startup VisionMatrix was established in 2018 with a focus on developing computer vision big data, and artificial intelligence technology for retail, school campuses, and daily life scenarios. The tech firm offers lightweight intelligence analysis equipment and technology solutions for shopping malls, schools and private homes. VisionMatrix is currently in the stage of Pre-A round of funding. Their clients include Internet companies listed on the Nasdaq, Greater China government departments, and listed retail companies.

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