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Rice Robotics HK “Ricing” to the occasion for people under home quarantine

In addition to the shortage in labour supply, the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has also impacted volunteer services for those in need. Cyberport incubatee Rice Robotics HK has teamed up with China Mobile HK to deploy indoor delivery robots named “Rice” to deliver daily essentials to the residents of Shek Kip Mei Estate under home quarantine as part of a scheme by the Sham Shui Po District Office of the Home Affairs Department and community groups.

Using 5G location services and remote monitoring to control the robots, the scheme helps alleviate the pressure on volunteers while delivering essentials to the people in need, and also reduces the risk of contagion. Fitted with LiDAR technology, Rice is able to avoid obstacles for smooth deliveries.

Since its inception in 2018, Rice Robotics HK’s robots have been spotted at Cyberport, hotels, large malls and public spaces, normalising the use of service robots one step at a time. During Rice Robotics’ early days, in addition to funding the startup, Cyberport also provided public spaces for them to test their robots and enhance their technology. Learn more about homegrown brand Rice Robotics HK and their services:

Company Profile

Rice Robotics is a pioneer in developing autonomous indoor service robots. “Rice” is the first fully-autonomous indoor delivery robot for busy environments. Capable of operating elevators and navigating around obstacles, Rice works alongside people in diverse and dynamic environments such as logistics, hotels, hospitals, and high rise residential and commercial areas, delivering items quickly, safely, and reliably.

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