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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, school classes were suspended and students were advised to stay home. Without students, many educational or extracurricular institutions have difficulties in keeping their business running. Thus, to support these institutions in developing a new approach of distance learning, Cyberport incubatee GRWTH created the D-Biz E-learning digitalised platform which provides a wide range of technology solutions.

EdTech solutions to transform educational institutions

Tailor-made for schools with practical functions as homework checklist, school notice reply slip, instant message, etc., the GRWTH mobile app plays an important role to bridge schools, students and parents. The user-friendly app facilitates schools to keep students and parents informed about the latest arrangements during school closures.

Educational institutions can also take advantage of the various tools offered by GRWTH, for example, online teaching tools, self-service platforms for marketing promotion, cloud storage services, online payment portal, etc to set up their digital business. In addition, a series of videos with e-learning tips were created to help transform these institutions from traditional teaching to online schooling.

The GRWTH online platform also provides a great database for these institutions to recruit students. Its system can offer matching services according to the students’ profiles and even recommend relevant classes for their selection. E-learning not only enables traditional educational institutions to continue, but even expand their business as they can now recruit students living all around Hong Kong.

Quick facts

  • Monthly usage of the GRWTH mobile app is around 800k-900k for the previous five months.
  • In June, GRWTH worked together with two leading shopping arcades to promote e-learning.
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