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Decoman helps home renovation industry during challenging times

The fifth wave of the epidemic is affecting all walks of life. Cyberport Incubator Programme graduate Decoman is no exception. In addition to anti-epidemic products, inspection service of anti-epidemic facilities, and disinfection service, Decoman tries to find more job opportunities through continuous optimisation of its online platform and engaging content marketing. Since small and medium-sized contractors may not be able to meet with customers in person under the social distancing measures, Decoman has proactively helped the industry to do digital, reach out to new customers and even waived their monthly fee to tide over the tough time!

Decoman cooperated with the anti-epidemic campaign and supported their contracting workers to take the vaccination, making workers and customers feel more comfortable during construction. Utilising the digital technology, Decoman helps reduce the physical meetings for both the contractors and household customers by providing online meetings, live online lessons as well as free online useful resources. Its online building materials platform as well as payment solution have also been enhanced so as to provide a one-stop home renovation experience without the need to go out and around for products and services. With more time spent at home, you may wish to check out the information and services by the Decoman.

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Company Profile

Cyberport Community Member and online renovation portal, Hong Kong Decoman, has redefined and boosted the renovation industry through technology solutions. By offering intelligent matching services, sales of building materials, and important educational information, Hong Kong Decoman connects the landlords and the industry in an interactive way, creating a superbly efficient collaboration which greatly benefits both parties. And helps improve the health standards for the whole of Hong Kong.

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