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Hampen Technology’s rapid self-scanning thermal camera enhances efficiency and accuracy

People are used to getting their body temperature checked when entering shopping malls and restaurants during the pandemic. Many companies use handheld non-contact thermometers or infrared thermometers to screen for people with a fever, lowering the risks of contagion. However, many of these thermometers can only check the body temperature of one person from a close distance at a time. Furthermore, crowded areas and the surrounding temperature may affect accuracy, leading to deviations.

In light of this, Cyberport incubatee Hampen Technology has developed a rapid thermal temperature screening device, which has increased the accuracy of infrared thermal screening and is able to measure body temperatures in just half a second with a deviation within 0.2 – 0.4 degrees Celsius from a distance of 1.5 metres. Hampen’s device can handle crowds, so people will not have to queue up to get their body temperature checked. With a facial recognition function, the device will give bilingual warning alerts to people not wearing masks. The latest version of this multi-functional device also allows visitors to check in with their vaccination records, which is very useful for shopping malls, offices, and residential buildings!

As Hong Kong’s digital technology flagship and incubator for entrepreneurship, Cyberport provides support in technology to facilitate digital transformation in the industry. With such support, startups nurtured by Cyberport will continue improving their services and consumer experience. Learn more about Hampen Technology’s service:

Company Profile

Hampen Technology is committed to providing deep-learning based biometric authentication and video analytics solutions for the FinTech, security and retail industries. Their professional team has extensive experience in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. Hampen’s Facial Recognition Anti-Spoofing Technology has been granted a US patent. Their major clients include property developers, retail shops and financial institutions.

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