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FindDoc video medical service is just a click away!

Video Medical Consultation (Telemedicine) has become increasingly popular during the fifth wave of COVID-19 infection as it reduces the risk of virus transmissions and the burden on the public healthcare system.

Over the past couple of years, Cyberport start-up alumni FindDoc has been developing and refining its one-stop video consultation services, enabling patients to make appointments, consult medical practitioners and receive their medications on the FindDoc platform. This entirely web-based consultation experience allows patients to make real-time appointments from the services they need, ranging from general practitioners, specialist practitioners, and psychologists. Doctors can seamlessly manage their schedules and arrange appointments on the platform, translating into a better user experience for the patients. FindDoc will also carry out an identity check before the consultation; even the platform can be self-serve. Upon completing the consultation, FindDoc can arrange the delivery of medications to the patients who will not have to risk leaving their homes.

Integrating technology into traditional industries, Cyberport and FindDoc are braving the epidemic together with a network of medical professionals and fighting against the COVID-19! Learn more about FindDoc’s telemedicine services:

Company Profile

FindDoc was founded in 2012 with an aim to provide diverse medical services to the community, and to increase general public health awareness through professionally curated content. FindDoc has since gathered a database of over 6,000 doctors from 50 different medical specialities to support an intuitive platform for people to search for healthcare providers. And to efficiently book their services, all while providing the latest medical information. In addition, FindDoc works with professional medical practitioners to produce short educational medical videos on FindDocTV.

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