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The epidemic's global development has had a ripple effect on Hong Kong. Large numbers of Hong Kong residents now returning from overseas means a huge demand for self-quarantine facilities, with some choosing various 14-day quarantine packages offered by hotels and other properties. So to ensure low infection risks for hotel employees, and to ease the concern of guests staying in a hotel, Rice Robotics unveiled an autonomous indoor delivery robot to reduce human contact.

Auto-pilot robot roams between multi-storey buildings for contactless delivery

The autonomous indoor delivery robot, named Rice, was developed by the Cyberport incubatee Rice Robotics employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing technologies. It also comes equipped with a radar and light sensor system, with the capability to detect obstacles in its surroundings, thus avoiding colliding with people and other objects.

Seamless integration into a property's electromechanical system means that Rice can more or less roam on the pre-determined floors as it is programmed to, including complicated tasks such as taking an elevator, or passing through an automated gate unassisted. Measuring 75 centimetres tall, with a size not much bigger than a footstool, the adorable Rice can easily squeeze into an elevator without startling its passengers.

So far, the main tasks assigned to Rice have been limited to indoor deliveries, once at a time. However, with further development and software updates, it is believed that Rice will be able to perform more runs each time it leaves its charging station.

Quick facts

  • Equipped with a radar and light sensor system to detect obstacles and roam on the pre-determined floors.
  • Rice is currently deployed at multiple hotels and shopping malls.
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