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Technology advancement can greatly improve people's well-being and quality of life. With the mission to integrate technologies into everyday life; Cyberport incubatee, Roborn Technology, has developed leading technologies for robotic products and solutions. In the face of COVID-19, the start-up has devoted a total of 3,000 hours to develop the first mobile body temperature detection robot "PEP-3000", which will allow various organisations, premises and medical facilities to monitor visitors' body temperatures more accurately.

Robot with intelligence and cruising capabilities

The COVID-19 is highly contagious, it can be transmitted through respiratory droplets and person-to-person contact. As Hong Kong has one of the world's highest population densities, people are prone to catch this virus from contact with infected patients. As fever is the disease's main symptom, residential and commercial buildings have started implementing body temperature checks.

Besides the traditional method of taking body temperatures manually, devices using camera lenses to detect temperatures within a certain range are becoming available. However, using these manual methods can cause false alarms, when they detect heat from other non-human objects, hence adversely affecting the accuracy. Thus, in order to improve accuracy levels and avoid false alarms, Roborn, after 3,000 hours of research and development, has launched a mobile body temperature detection robot - "PEP-3000" with a unique cruising system. PEP-3000 comes with a built-in artificial intelligence camera. This allows the robot to specifically recognise human bodies, and target forehead temperatures, thereby significantly improving the accuracy the temperature checks.

PEP-3000 has now been commissioned by multiple government departments. It can be widely adopted by medical centres, non-profit organisations, shopping malls, schools, cruise ships and other venues, playing a vital part in Hong Kong's fight against the epidemic.

Quick facts

  • Launched a mobile body temperature detection robot PEP-3000 with a cruising system.
  • PEP-3000 has now been commissioned by multiple government departments and it can be widely adopted in different public and private venues.
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