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Mathematics workshop and SSPA Exam Prep on an AI learning platform by Find Solution Ai

The fifth wave of the epidemic has brought schools to early summer vacation. Working-from-home parents need to worry about their children's health, but they also need to ensure their children's learning progress. Find Solution Ai, a start-up company that graduated from the Cyberport Incubation Program, will provide free online learning resources and courses to parents and Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. Registration details are available at:

Find Solution Ai’s Founder and Curriculum Director, Viola, gained experience as a teacher and parent and launched 4LittleTrees together with her professional teams and other organisations. 4 Little Trees is a learning platform that combines artificial intelligence and real-time emotion detection. Assisted by big data analysis, it provides the most relevant practice questions to enhance students' interest and motivation in learning. Online learning has reduced the need for students to go out and the risk of infection. Teachers can also use the management system and data to understand students' needs before assisting.

As a technology flagship and a start-up incubator, Cyberport organises various support programs to promote the development of the technology industry and solve current problems and future needs of society.

Company Profile

By employing the core big data and AI technology, Find Solution Ai Limited brings about high-level automation and behavioural prediction capability that can be widely applied in education, advertising and medical diagnosis. The math- and ICT-focused learning application 4LittleTrees offers teachers a range of analyses concerning students' learning differences, so that any change in teaching mode can be based on hard evidence. In addition to its use in education, 4LittleTrees can also be applied in corporate training, e-commerce and the healthcare sector.

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