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Keeping the indoors safe: Autonomous Disinfection Robot Whiz Gambit

More and more robots have been deployed to assist with cleaning and disinfection in public spaces to reduce the risk of virus infections. WhizGambit, an AI-powered disinfection robot co-launched by Cyberport incubatee Avalon SteriTech and SoftBank Robotics from Japan, has been fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic at luxury hotels, malls, construction sites, government venues, MTR stations, clinics, elderly homes and beyond, protecting many Hong Kong businesses and organisations. Whiz Gambit’s contribution to a cleaner space is applaudable during the fifth wave of the pandemic.

Working with approved professional disinfectants, Whiz Gambit offers cleaning and disinfection all in one, with proven efficacy to eliminate more than 99.99% of pathogens, keeping public spaces safe for us to enjoy.

Learn more about Whiz Gambit’s disinfection features:

Company Profile

Avalon SteriTech strives to provide next-generation cleaning, disinfection and sterilization technology infrastructure for public spaces. Led by a diverse team of world-class scientists, medical doctors, academic advisors and business professionals, we are able to use our knowledge and market insights to deliver customized solutions that address unmet public health needs.

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