Ivy Li / Executive Director

Using AI to detect fever in extreme Crowds to prevent the spread of viruses

At the start of the pandemic, staff at publicly accessible spaces are often assigned to take the temperatures of people entering venues. The time-consuming process prevents people with fevers from spreading the coronavirus. Temperature monitoring systems have since improved to help reduce manpower demand and minimise inconvenience.

Cyberport incubation programme alumni WildFaces Technology Limited’s solution can combine with its IQ Anti Contagion Suite, designed to work in extreme crowds, such as MTR and hospitals, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It can provide simultaneous scanning (e.g. 30 times within 3 seconds) to give the most accurate temperature reading of each person even in a crowd without having to ask people to stay in a queue. Other environmental factors, such as the weather conditions, will not hinder the system from tracking feverish suspects. The system can even protect the privacy of each passer-by and only track people with fever via an app, alert relevant personnel of such incident to prevent potential spread of diseases.

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Company Profile

Established in 2017, is a start-up specialised in developing On-the-Move recognition technology. Integrating with IoT and various sensing technologies, the solutions it developed focus on a range of intelligent recognition tasks in some of the most challenging environments. The team has over 20 years of AI technology development experience. Many of the solutions contributed by the experienced team have been adopted in different cities.

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