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No more long waits for a PCR test with Toby’s door-to-door services

Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have gotten used to getting frequent tests for COVID-19. If you need to take a PCR test, other than using the government’s services, Cyberport incubation programme alumnus and online service platform “Toby” is at your disposal. Toby has partnered with a local medical group to provide door-to-door PCR specimen pick-up services, allowing people to deposit their specimens at home and receive their test results within only 12 hours. Toby also offers remote medical consultations to help people fight the pandemic from home, minimising the risk of spreading viruses, and assists people who need to produce PCR test results for work.

During the fifth wave of the pandemic, Toby provided household deep cleaning services — whether their customers were working from home or working at their offices, with Toby’s services, they could rest assured knowing that they could unwind in clean and sanitised homes.

In 2016, when Toby was first founded, the Cyberport Incubation Programme supported the startup across various aspects. With the backing of the Cyberport Macro Fund, Toby later acquired ample resources and space, allowing them to expand to cover more services and offer both customers and service providers more convenience.

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Company Profile

Currently Toby features 80,000 registered services providers consisting of free agents and SMEs. The platform has accounted for 1.2 million customised services for 500,000 customers. Featuring 800 service categories on the platform, Toby has expanded its business reach to the markets of Taiwan and Singapore. This locally developed business concept has become a truly international venture.

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