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Roborn’s robots: Guarding the wellbeing of Hong Kong

The fifth wave of the pandemic has urged many startups to develop tech-based strategies and solutions to help combat the coronavirus with society. Cyberport incubation programme alumnus Roborn developed a 5G outdoor disinfection robot, “Sau Wu”, and a remote diagnosis model named “Freedom”, playing their role in eliminating viruses and supporting the medical sector.

Powered by 5G and AI technology, Sau Wu (lower image) is fitted with a 360-degree camera and can identify objects, avoid obstacles and spray disinfectant to sanitise the environment. To enhance public hygiene and provide assurance for those using public facilities, Sau Wu models have been deployed at various quarantine facilities and public spaces, including the Yuen Long Tam Mei Community Isolation Facility and various waterfront parks.

Meanwhile, Freedom (upper image) has a 12x optical zoom camera that captures 4K high-resolution video footage that can be transmitted over a 5G network to doctors, facilitating remote medical consultations. Freedom’s technology reduces the risks of infection among patients and doctors, and is expected to be applied to remote surgery in the future.

Since Roborn’s early days, Cyberport has been helping them unleash potential. With our support, the Hong Kong innovation and technology sector has seen tremendous progress, paving the way for Hong Kong’s robots to step onto the world stage into a digital future.

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Company Profile

Roborn uses a motion control system as its core technology, together with 5G, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and cloud computing to drive and develop comprehensive robotic products and solutions. The 5G Motion Control Humanoid Robot project developed by Roborn received the 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) in equipment and machinery design; Roborn also won the ICT Startup Award Grand Award, and the ICT Startup (Hardware & Devices) Award Gold Award in 2019.

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