Farm66’s quick action to deliver essential supplies to over 100 elderly care homes and people in isolation

In the fifth wave of the epidemic, various small and medium-sized elderly care homes are struggling to contain the outbreak because of the lack of necessary supplies. In view of this, Cyberport Incubation Programme graduate Farm66 joined hand with industry associations and NGO Caring For Children Foundation and donated anti-epidemic materials to over 100 elderly homes. In the past weekend, due to the shortage of delivery manpower, the enthusiastic volunteers had organised a team to assist in the delivery, and the Under Secretary of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Dr. Chan Pak Li, Bernard, joined together to help!

Utilising the company's manpower and office space for the logistics of the supplies, Farm66, which pioneered on agricultural technology innovation, has also begun to cooperate with different organisations to provide fresh vegetable boxes to the people in isolation. With a better diet, their health and well-being are improved. As the technology flagship and a start-up incubator, Cyberport is committed to nurturing young talents in innovation and technology and providing various support for the current epidemic. Learn more about Farm66:

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