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For many people, virtual learning might well have become the logical solution at the height of Hong Kong’s COVID-19 epidemic when classes were suspended. However, for underprivileged families, this has created a serious digital divide. Cyberport start-up Snapask recognises a profound challenge for those estimated 110,000 students from needy families who can't afford costly electronic devices in order to keep learning, and thus has assembled a pool of 350,000 international and A-grade tutors to answer any student's questions on the mobile-learning app.

Instantly solve learning problems with the help from the brightest tutors

On demand one-on-one tutoring app Snapask matches approximately three million students across eight countries/regions in Asia—Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong—with a total of 350,000 highly qualified tutors from respective markets. Students learning problems are often solved literally in a snap.

Thanks to the advanced image-recognition technology, the tutoring platform allows any student who wishes to receive help in learning, to simply upload an image, and the cutting-edge artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms will sort out the rest—by connecting the student to some of the best available tutors from the impressive and growing pool of talents.

Snapask is on a mission to revolutionise education. In addition to the one-on-one service offering students the chance to learn from the best minds, Snapask is constantly expanding its multi-media database with educational and learning videos, exercises and quizzes, tests and examination papers. By gathering all these multi-media educational resources, the platform aims to arouse students’ curiosity and strengthen their learning capabilities.

Quick facts

  • 24/7 question-and-answer platform serving three million students internationally.
  • Working with government agencies and NGOs to sponsor students with needs.
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