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Distance learning is not a new concept, but for many students and teachers, forced distance learning for a prolonged period of time has been quite a challenge, and sometimes a test to students' attention span. Cyberport alumnus, iSTEM, works hard to liven up the distance, and usually virtual, learning experience for primary and secondary students, with applications of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and gamification in STEM learning. The EduTech start-up aims to set students' digital learning journey off to a flying start.

AI and STEM education programme at home for future leaders

Ever since schools were suspended in late January, Hong Kong students have begun to adapt to technology for a new learning experience, including self-initiated research at home for their assignments. Meanwhile, teachers conducted virtual lectures. Since many of them were brand new to distance and virtual learning, iSTEM prepared short videos to demonstrate Zoom and webinar settings to assist both students and teachers.

The EdTech start-up has also offered over 50 free STEM videos on their website and Grwth mobile app, allowing students to watch a wide range of science experiments online. Students are also encouraged to assemble and DIY telescopes to learn about light reflection, to build motor fans to learn about air and wind movement, to make a catapult to understand level mechanics. Students can also access the AI introductory course on the online platform of Edmodo which is a partner of iSTEM.

It is expected that the virtual learning experience will form an integral part of students' STEM learning even when the epidemic is over.

Quick facts

  • Enhance learning experience with AI, VR, gamification, and various STEM subjects.
  • Online AI and STEM education programme for local schools and NGOs while classes are still suspended.
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