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Identify people with elevated body temperature while on the move

One of the symptoms for people infected with COVID-19 is elevated body temperature. To keep an eye on the possible spread of the disease in an organisation, getting everyone entering a premise body temperature screened is a common practice, if the accuracy of conventional body temperature measuring systems may leave a lot to be desired.

However, thanks to the application of advanced technology, there may be a way out. Featuring patented WildFaces On-the-Move recognition technology, the IQ-Anti-Contagion Suite is a system that can quickly single out people with a fever in a crowd. This can help the community fight against the spread of the disease, resulting in a healthier and safer environment.

The vision-based Artificial Intelligence software system developed by WildFaces works well with almost all camera systems for recognition. High-definition CCTV equipment is not essential; it is compatible with the mobile phone's camera system, drones, body-worn cameras, and many more. The company developed the system's algorithms, which means its independence from any overused open-source code or costly GPU-based hardware solutions. The great flexibility of the architecture also offers the customers the added benefits of developing a system according to specific needs, and in an excellent value-for-money ratio.

Specifically, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 in the community, the IQ-Anti-Contagion Suite system makes the best of the WildFaces recognition technology. The IQ-FeverCheck tool embedded in the system can quickly identify people with a fever in a crowd via the automatic thermal detection and the recognition technology, considerably raising control efficiency while reducing the human resources requirement and associated cost.

The system comes with other features, too. The IQ-Social Distancing feature, for example, will release a warning signal if distancing rule is not observed in a crowd; the iQ-PPE configurable feature, meanwhile, can identify people not wearing a face mask so that authorised personnel can make the right move to reduce the risk of the disease spreading in an organisation.

Quick facts

  • A vision-based Artificial Intelligence software system for recognition works well with almost all camera systems
  • Quickly identifies people with a fever in a crowd via the automatic thermal detection and the recognition technology

Company Profile

Established in 2017, is a start-up specialised in developing On-the-Move recognition technology. Integrating with IoT and various sensing technologies, the solutions it developed focus on a range of intelligent recognition tasks in some of the most challenging environments. The team has over 20 years of AI technology development experience. Many of the solutions contributed by the experienced team have been adopted in different cities.

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