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Dr. Body
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Dr Body – Zero Dynamic Limited is committed to building the world’s leading digital musculoskeletal & digital neuro therapy company around rehabilitation indications. We are currently focusing on two directions, adolescent spine health and middle-aged and elderly stroke hemiplegia rehabilitation. Dr. Body Spine focuses on foot and spine health, providing young people with radiation-free abnormal posture screening, assessment, and rehabilitation services. The development direction includes: an online spine and abnormal posture screening system, 3D/4D spine and posture measurement and management system, scoliosis digital orthopaedic therapy, etc. Dr. Body Stroke focuses on the rehabilitation of hemiplegia for stroke. The team has developed the world’s leading CPPC (Central Conduction Pathway and Posture Control Technology) exercise rehabilitation therapy, which has passed clinical trials and has been trained in many tertiary hospitals. The company is stepping up its digitalisation efforts, opening up the linkage between hospitals, social health and families. In order to overcome the constraints of time and place, helping more hemiplegic patients to achieve telerehabilitation and improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation

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