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Micro Gimble Stabilizer

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Hong Kong
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Vista Innotech (VIT), a start-up company under HKSTP Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP). We are a team with experts from various engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical and optical. Our one-stop anti-shaking Micro Gimbel Stabilizer (MGS) is the smallest gimbal with 50+ international filed patents and excellent anti-shaking performance outperforming latest iPhone by up to 4 times. Along with our proprietary auto-calibration software, compact sizes small enough for embedding in smartphones, low cost, and easily integrated designs, we can set the best anti-shaking standards for camera modules of most mobile devices. We successfully completed our angel round funding and became one of the portfolio companies under Particle X in 2020. We also joined LEAP in 2021 and won 6 awards in half year, including Geneva Invention 2022 Silver Medal.

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