HelloToby Technology (HK) Limited

Jason Zheng/ CEO
+852 9519 2578
Room 518, Level 5, Core F, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport

The prohibition of group gatherings implemented amid the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in great numbers of people in self-isolation at home. Business suspensions and even closures in severe cases, have forced professionals to leave their job for extended periods of time and have greatly impacted their income. Cyberport alumnus HelloToby Technology manages the city's leading platform, Toby, connecting service professionals to users, thus boosting productivity in the market, and easing the financial burden for many professionals.

Marketplace for skilled service professionals

Toby is a professional services oriented marketplace headquartered in Hong Kong. Born as a Cyberport digital entrepreneur with the support of Cyberport Macro Fund in 2018, the platform help connect locals with qualified service providers across 700 categories.

The Toby marketplace is a breeze to use. Users of the platform simply submit a request for service. In almost no time at all, they will begin to receive multiple customised quotes from top-rated service professionals, along with their profile and user reviews. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, and despite the economic downturn, Toby has remained popular with users. It generated 10 thousand domestic helpers' visits to keep users' residences and offices clean.

To further improve the user experience, the company aims to promote the standards of certain service categories by offering appropriate training to service professionals, as well as to simplify cost quotations of some fairly standard services. More than a local platform, Toby has already expanded its reach to the Singapore and Taiwan markets, connecting service users and professionals from within the two regions.

Quick facts

  • Features more than 700 service categories on the platform; managed 1.2 million customised quotes for more than 500,000 users.
  • Delivered 100,000 matching services worth HK$150 million since the COVID-19 outbreak.
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