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Under the threat of the coronavirus outbreak, many people are understandably worried about the possibility that they could become infected and therefore naturally feel worried. While physical health is important for everyone, no one can afford to take mental health lightly. In an attempt to show solidarity with, and to ensure mental soundness of the wider community, Cyberport community member Solacetree Counselling launched a mobile counselling service platform, offering solace to people in need.

Instant access to online counselling to cope with stress

Local Hong Kong start-up Solacetree was created in partnership with 1medix, an American IT company specialising in healthcare solutions. The platform is backed up by a team of licensed psychologists with different expertise, backgrounds and experience. Solacetree provides an online channel for people to express their feelings and express their emotional problems without needing to visit a clinic.

Users can schedule a counselling session with the selected counsellor by using the Solacetree Counselling mobile app. They can even choose to register with their real names or opt to be anonymous. Via video chat, users can talk to counsellors in the most relaxed way, with or without showing their faces. Both the browsing system and the database are encrypted to protect the users’ privacy.

Meanwhile, Solacetree also offer webinars on a wide range of topics related to wellness. These online sessions are conducted by certified professional psychologists that are experts in related areas. The mobile app also features a journal function allowing users to record their daily emotions. Users can choose to share their journals with counsellors, with everything stored and managed digitally, in order to evaluate if any further treatment is needed.

Quick facts

  • The first mobile app in Hong Kong offering online counselling services.
  • Users have the choice of more than 10 licensed psychologists with different expertise.
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