What is Cyberport Professional services Network (CPN)

Cyberport Professional services Network (CPN) is an important complementary addition to the Cyberport ecosystem that join hands with the Enterprise, Investors and Technology Networks to support the growth of the Cyberport community companies.

It is a structured and collaborative platform that provides specific professional services assistance on areas like legal, accounting, financing, marketing and corporate development services, etc., for the Cyberport community companies at their different development stages to grow and scale up.  CPN shall help to create impact in the participating businesses in the areas of market development and penetration, with social and economic effects.


Cyberport provides a platform to source, brief, match and bridge the right service providers to the right start-ups on professional services requirements.  The proposed nine service categories are mapped against the Cyberport community needs, focusing on key impacts to their growth. The mapping will be continuously reviewed and updated as driven by the growth needs and challenges of the start-up community.


The CPN partners database will be enlisted and updated onto the iStartup.hk portal to facilitate the start-ups in search of professional service supports and needs.  In order to maintain a pool of high quality and relevant service providers, Cyberport will regularly review the professional service providers’ performance and start-ups’ feedback on their service.


Cyberport’s Role


  1. To comprehend the needs of start-ups and provide relevant/required professional services on equitable commercial terms and special rates;
  2. To conduct service matchings, service clinics, service briefings, business consultations and/or start-up workshops to the Cyberport community companies free-of-charge, or at nominal fees; and
  3. To offer competitive rates for the services rendered to the community companies and provide progress and evaluation reports of those contracted businesses.


9 Service Categories


  1. Company Financing
  2. Corporate Services & Compliance
  3. Finance & Taxation
  4. Human Capital
  5. Legal Services
  6. Market Development Advisory
  7. Marketing & Branding Services
  8. Organisation Design
  9. Technology Consultancy

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