Cyberport kicked off the International Speaker Series of the Cyberport Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme, throwing a spotlight on regulatory technology (RegTech), one of the fastest growing fields of FinTech that is presenting tremendous prospects for Hong Kong’s FinTech development at home and abroad.

At the much-anticipated debut seminar and executive learning series, held over online in late September, Cyberport invited Joanne Horgan, CIO of Vizor, and Douglas W. Arner, ​ Kerry Holdings Professor in Law of HKU, to introduce this burgeoning and promising technology to Hong Kong’s financial practitioners.

The duo offered an insightful overview of the emergence of RegTech and delved into the nuts and bolts of how financial institutions can practically adopt RegTech solutions. They examined the risks associated with data accountability and the lack of data standards, explained the compliance challenges of financial institutions and the priorities of regulators, elucidated how collaboration among global RegTech networks is a key to growing this sector, and outlined the prospects of this US$300 billion industry.

In-service financial practitioners who missed these engrossing webinars can join the upcoming spate of seminars, workshops, and executive learning sessions that will be held weekly throughout October. Prominent industry experts and thought leaders will be hosting sessions on FinTech foundations, InsurTech, digital assets, cybersecurity, and technologies in finance, and examine the prospects for the industry.

To claim a seat and stay abreast of the latest in FinTech, please contact [email protected].

The FinTech Training Programme was launched earlier this year to enrich Hong Kong’s FinTech talent pool, promote FinTech adoption by financial institutions, and speed up the financial sector’s digital transformation.

Since March, Cyberport has already hosted a series of webinars covering such industry-pertinent topics as customer centricity, collaboration between financial institutions and start-ups, digital assets management, open banking and API economy, and virtual banks and ecosystems.

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