Cyberport incubatee Rice Robotics has taken extra miles in offering effective and efficient sterilising solutions for wider community in fighting against the pandemic, as Hong Kong’s authentic cultural-retail destination K11 MUSEA recently deploys 11 autonomous robot cleaners for deep sanitisation, doubling down on the place’s hygiene and anti-epidemic measures on its 340,000-square-foot premises upon reopening in early March.

These cute-looking robots keep spraying the disinfectant into the air and the floor covering a 4.5-metre radius as they navigate through all levels of the premises during operating hours.  The smart robots are equipped with advanced SLAM navigation system with three types of anti-collision sensors – including LiDAR, depth cameras, and ultrasonic sensors.

Rice Robotics is now invested by New World Development, including an order of 60 new robots, and will jointly develop Hong Kong's first robot that integrates food delivery, disinfection, patrol and other functions for the K11 Group.

Leveraging smart technology in helping businesses brave the pandemic challenges while embracing new market opportunities for innovative start-ups like Rice Robotics create win-win.  Rice Robotics offers different innovative robotics solutions since the epidemic outbreak, including meals delivery in quarantine hotel to reduce human contacts, sanitising campus areas at Cyberport and Le Meridien Cyberport, as well as in-door delivery for 7-11 convenience store at SoftBank Group headquarters in Tokyo.  See more Cyberport start-up innovators at Braving the Epidemic Campaign.

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