Blockchain applications have been seeing increased adoption across industries, giving rise to noteworthy use cases in diverse fields, such as finance, insurance, logistics, testing, fashion, esports, and more. Although many are intrigued by blockchain’s potential and benefits, not many start-ups know where or how to start applying blockchain in their solution development.

To empower more start-ups to reap the benefits of blockchain and create more innovative solutions to meet the market’s needs, and to promote further adoption of this powerful technology, Cyberport is partnering with R3, a leading global enterprise blockchain platform provider, and FORMS HK, a pioneer of blockchain applications, to launch the Block AdVenture programme.

Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, said: “Cyberport is honoured to collaborate with R3 and FORMS HK to help more Hong Kong technology companies understand the promises of blockchain platforms and demonstrate how to leverage blockchain technology in business and daily lives.”

The organisers will assess the submitted business proposals for impact, innovation, and technology, and will shortlist 10 companies to join the three-month programme.

Over three months, participants will validate their business ideas and accelerate their product-market fit through community events, workshops and mentoring sessions. Representatives from R3 and FORMS HK will also provide one-on-one coaching to help participants develop proofs of concept using Corda, R3’s superior enterprise blockchain platform.

All will culminate in a demo day, where the best-performing participants will be awarded cash prizes, investment matching opportunities, and the Corda Enterprise Development Licence to actualise their solutions.  Stay tuned for updates regarding the demo day.

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