Take a second to visualise the usual corporate training or web training, where people sit around a table or in front of a stage or computer and passively receive knowledge.


Now visualise teams of people donning VR headsets and racing drones, working together to fly a drone to deliver a package to a target, or playing robot football against one another. Which is more effective and fun?


STEAM Building is a start-up that specialises in this kind of O2O experiential learning for executives and corporate teams, no matter their tech proficiency. By using drones, VR/AR, and other advanced technologies, STEAM Building wants to familiarise executives and companies about tech developments, prepare them for Industry 4.0, demystify tech disruptions, and use technology to connect and build stronger teams.


The start-up has designed three progressive learning modules to “build awareness”, “build knowledge”, and “build actions”.


The first module raises awareness about new technology and its potential through Face-to-Face (F2F) experiential learning in a fun, engaging, and relaxing environment.


The second module uses a VR E-learning platform and allows non-tech executives to build their knowledge on such technologies as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.


The third module coaches executives to apply their new knowledge to F2F or online design thinking projects that will be benefit their respective departments and companies.


These modules can also achieve a variety of goals, such as helping executives to develop a growth and empathetic mindset, engaging staff in tech-enabled group activities to improve cross-departmental communication, and awakening creativity.


STEAM Building is establishing partnership with a leading corporate training academy in Taiwan and is distributing its modules through a global management consulting platform with distribution links in more than 70 countries.


“Cyberport provides regular gathering for community members to exchange ideas and showcase their technologies that we can leverage different technologies for new businesses. Besides, start-up sharing and workshops do polish our entrepreneurial skills.” said by Warren Li, Chief Marketing Officer of STEAM Building.

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