Cyberport Professional Services Network (CPN) is a structured and collaborative platform to connect professional consultancy firms and start-ups to extend extra support for community companies to thrive.

By sourcing, matching, and bridging the right service providers with the right community companies, Cyberport aims to lift and speed up the growth of start-ups and support their strategic value creation.  More than 20 international and local consultancy firms have joined the network at launch, including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC, Eversheds Sutherland, Tricor, and many others.

CPN members will provide services across nine categories to meet the start-ups’ most pressing priorities, including Company Financing, Corporate Services & Compliance, Finance & Taxation, Human Capital, Legal Services, Market Development Advisory, Marketing & Branding Services, Organisation Design, and Technology Consultancy.  They will provide relevant professional services to Cyberport community companies, and will also conduct service clinics, one-on-one business consultations, and start-up workshops with the companies.

The CPN is an important complementary addition to the Cyberport ecosystem that joins hands with the Cyberport Enterprise Network, Cyberport Investors Network and Cyberport Technology Network to support the growth of Cyberport’s community start-ups, especially the well-developed ones.

All of these are part of Cyberport’s commitment to serve the evolving needs of local and global start-ups and the broader I&T ecosystem and to springboard more start-ups to success.

Dr George Lam, Chairman of Cyberport, said, “I believe the CPN can become the growth engine for start-ups and further attract top-notch entrepreneurs and tech companies across the globe to join Cyberport, thereby creating a more vibrant and impactful innovation and technology ecosystem.”

Viola Lam, Co-President of the Cyberport Startup Alumni Association (CSAA) and Founder and CEO of Find Solution Ai said, “We found a good business partner through the CPN, which enabled us secure new round of funding. I look forward to working with CPN partners to create more achievements.”

More details about CPN are available on Cyberport’s one-stop platform.

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