Traditional, typical one-way HR management is becoming a thing of the past. Taking its place are digital HR solutions that enable employers to do much more in staff engagement and in addressing the needs of the new world of work.

Cyberport’s incubatee, Quokka HR, is developing a SaaS digital platform to give companies the tools to “attract, retain, and engage talent, form high performing teams, and build a happy workplace”.

For example, Quokka’s platform enables employees to set goals, monitor progress, and gain feedback and even recognition straight away. Management can use engagement and pulse surveys to create more cohesive action plans. When employees perform well, other employees can send praise and recognition. In addition, all tasks and statistics are neatly displayed on admin and employee dashboards. This can ensure timely review and course corrections while allowing companies to measure, track and implement initiatives with greater efficiency.

All these features are aimed at eliciting the best that employees can give, boosting staff engagement, and improving organisational agility in a world of accelerating change. The solution is particularly opportune, because it also helps companies address the new expectations and behaviour of the younger generation who are entering the workforce.

A beta-test version of the platform has been launched for pilot customers. Members of the Cyberport community can also sign up and enjoy a deep discount with the “Braving the Epidemic” initiative.

Quokka is now exploring venture partnerships to scale up its product to Southeast Asia and Mainland China; and it has opened an outpost in Indonesia to extend services to other countries and regions.

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