Happyer is an AI-powered HR platform from the Cyberport community. It differentiates itself not only by connecting job seekers to work with purpose and fulfilment, but also by helping people attain continuous career development.

The mission of the Cyberport incubatee is all in the name. Its CEO, Julio Orr explained that he founded the company to enable people to be happier at work: “We all want to find our own version of happiness in life. Our work plays a big part in our lives; yet I read that 85% of people were not engaged at work. This number was so alarming that I wanted to do something to help.”

He found that working with purpose, people one is fond of, and a positive company culture could be all that it takes. “Happyer therefore hopes to give people more transparency into the cultures, jobs, and people of hiring companies so they could find the right fit.”

To achieve this, the platform produces job matches by detecting the candidates’ personalities and goals, and then connecting them to companies with compatible jobs and work cultures.

Additionally, considering the society’s growing need for digital talents, Happyer set up H Academy to enable people to upskill and reskill for the times. The Academy offers an array of on-demand courses, bootcamps, and workshops to help people acquire in-demand skills and upgrade, update, and accelerate their careers.

All of these benefits have earned Happyer a raft of clients, including many notable listed companies and organisations. Since the start-up was founded in 2019, it has already listed more than 1,000 jobs offered by over 300 companies.

Beginning from January 2021, Happyer has partnered with Edelman and the Swire Group to promote their upcoming MT programme. The start-up is also collaborating with virtual banks to be their exclusive upskill/reskill course provider.

Julio credited Happyer’s rapid growth to its Cyberport connection, which has been invaluable in helping it elicit attention and add credibility to its business. Cyberport also connected them to programmes such as FAST to drive companies to its platform. 

Happyer is now looking at a Pre-Series A round later this year and is expanding into Singapore.

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