Riding on the partnership at the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) last November, Cyberport and Esperanza came together again for a CVCF sequel by hosting another EdTech venture webinar themed “Do Good and Do Well with EdTech Ventures”. Close to 300 participants attended the online event.

20+ experts and investors from Hong Kong and overseas delved into EdTech’s dynamics and case studies, shedding light on topics from business and funding models to market and partnership opportunities across China and Southeast Asia.  The speakers also offered ample actionable advice to promote adoption and engagement, including how the impact of EdTechs can be assessed and how investors can take part in EdTech ventures. Discussions aside, the winners of the Edventures GBA Fellowship also presented their EdTech solutions to showcase use cases and possibilities.

At the opening dialogue between Cyberport’s CEO Peter Yan and Esperanza’s Co-founder Rachel Chan, both speakers agreed that if future generations are to acquire proper 21st century tools, skills and mindsets, education must undergo a complete transformation worldwide and leverage technology to make learning more engaging, effective, and meaningful.

To succeed, both speakers called for concerted efforts to catalyse targeted systemic changes. In addition to sustaining EdTech’s growth momentum accelerated by teaching and learning innovation during COVID times, the EdTech community must expand to meet the ever-evolving demand for new solutions, promote adoption through user education, and utilise Hong Kong’s advantages to foster an active investor community focusing on the sector. To this end, the speakers pledged that Cyberport and Esperanza will continue to work together to develop Hong Kong into a bridgehead for educational innovation in the Greater Bay Area.

While the discussions brought many ideas to Iife, the webinar’s adorable 8-year-old emcee Ryan Tang brought joy to the audience’s hearts. He summed up the need for EdTech best: “As an ultimate end user of education technology, I am really counting on you guys to create something that can help us learn effectively in an interesting and most important of all – a fun way.”

The highlights of the webinar are now available at CVCF’s Venture in Focus website. Please be sure to check it out.

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