Chatbots have been popping up across the digital business landscape for years. Once a nice-to-have feature for digitally-woke companies, chatbots have since proven to be a low-cost, high-impact, indispensable communication tool for B2Cs and B2Bs alike. They are fantastic for enhancing customer engagement, automating repetitive conversations, and boosting operational efficiency for the new digital normal.

But getting chatbots up and running takes substantial time and effort; especially in designing, training, and programming the chatbots to understand, respond, and perform in a specific way.

Smart-Space company Korah Limited is removing this labour-intensive and time-consuming process. The Toronto-headquartered start-up developed an AI/ML-powered “conversational workflow platform” called ccRobot (Customer Care Robot) to help businesses create a chatbot in as few as five steps—all without the need for any programming. ccRobot will hit the ground running and work alongside customer service agents to assist, observe, learn, and evolve—just like an apprentice honing its craft by deliberately studying the master.

Unlike typical chatbots, ccRobot can work seamlessly in multilingual and mixed-language environments. It can also be easily integrated with popular chat apps and back-office infrastructure for even greater functionality and personalization. In fact, ccRobot goes beyond chatbots, it is a platform that offers “digital transformation” solutions for practical human-to-human interaction processes of any business or organisation. If an organisational workflow can be defined, that process can be digitally automated using ccRobot to improve efficiencies at lower cost.

The Canadian government has already taken an interest. After accepting Korah into its competitive “Build in Canada Innovation Program”, which funds, procures, and tests pre-commercial goods and services from Canadian innovators in real-life settings, the Canadian government has deployed ccRobot within various government departments and is using it to communicate with the public about the latest coronavirus situation. Korah’s “SafeVisitZone”, an AI product layered upon ccRobot, is also being used to help medical and non-medical clinics promote and maintain social distancing. It was first deployed to the Ontario Real Estate Association in late June this year.

Korah is now casting its sights on the underserved non-English chatbot market in the Asia-Pacific. It chose Hong Kong, the hometown of all three founders, for its regional base and Cyberport as its home. Since establishing the outpost, ccRobot has already been adopted by sizeable clients, including ESDlife, to help upgrade their workflows and bolster customer engagement.

The founders now want to leverage Cyberport’s innovative community, networking and business matching opportunities, and extensive regional networks as springboard into Mainland, Greater Bay Area, and Southeast Asian markets, where they foresee tremendous potential in the chatbot space for years to come.

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