Cross-border payments are among the fastest moving sectors of FinTech, and start-ups have been tackling different businesses to claim a foothold. BlueOcean Pay, a Cyberport incubatee, is specialising in e-commerce with remarkable success.

BlueOcean Pay is one of the largest and fast-growing integrated cross-border payment platforms in Hong Kong. Its one-stop solution offers a range of services to meet the diverse cross-border financial needs of global merchants and e-commerce clients – from online and offline payments, money transfers, and financing to advertising and WeChat e-commerce SaaS with Youzan.

Convenience and optionality are central to the company’s offerings. Merchants can easily integrate a variety of payment methods to suit their needs and issue digital coupons to drive business growth.

For example, BlueOcean Pay allows merchants to use POS to receive offline payments and to use the company’s mobile payment wallets, API integration, and cross-border multi-currency payment gateways to handle online translations.

Understanding the importance of liquidity to merchants, BlueOcean Pay offers a settlement period of T+1 day for cross-border online payments, flexible FX rates in multi-currencies covering 100 countries, and an auto approval financing service via payment data analysis.

Since its founding in 2017, BlueOcean Pay’s in-store payment solutions have been adopted in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Indonesia, while its online payment solutions are used by more than 2,000 merchants and e-commerce sites in Mainland China, Hong Kong, UK, Korea, and Japan.

Clients from across industries are flocking to BlueOcean Pay despite the impact of COVID-19. In Q3 2020, the company signed up such notable companies as Rakuten and The H-Collective (Japan),  Strawberrynet, Travellet (Mainland China/Hong Kong), Penang Island Bird Nest (Malaysia), and Liu Cheng Education Group (Mainland China) to its impressive list of clients.

This achievement thanks to BlueOcean Pay’s shareholder support in linking them up with overseas clients, and to the Cyberport Incubation Programme and FAST in helping the company expand its technical teams and pursue greater payment software integration.

All of this will prove invaluable in propelling BlueOcean Pay to capture more cross-border e-commerce and mobile payments opportunities across Mainland China, the Greater Bay Area, and Southeast Asia in the years to come.

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