Spinal and back problems are known to irk many urbanites and potentially cause developmental, immunity, neural, cardiopulmonary, or digestive disorders. Yet, postural anomalies often go ignored or unnoticed until serious problems set in or when the person seeks professional help.

Dr. Body, a grantee of the Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme (GBA-YEP) formed by young innovators from Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, has developed an AI-powered posture analysis and rehabilitation solution that enables users to upkeep their postural health independently.  With four patents pending, this system solves many of the pain points of traditional diagnostic methods, which are often costly, intrusive, and time and labour consuming.

By leveraging algorithm calculation, image analysis technologies and drawing insights from big data, Dr. Body’s machine and mobile app can quickly and accurately assess a user’s postural health, identify health risks, automatically come up with personalised regimen recommendations, and perform continuous postural health monitoring.

A range of personalised follow-up services is also provided on the mobile app including rehabilitation training guidance, and customised correction equipment to enhance the effectiveness of rectification and rehabilitation. 

Powered by the solution’s ease-of-use and efficacy, Dr. Body is targeting both the consumer segment and the commercial clientele, such as medical institutions, rehabilitation centres, gyms, schools, and elderly homes.

The start-up is graduating from the GBA-YEP in August.  Speaking about their plans, Rex Ma, Co-founder of Dr. Body said, “thanks to the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund for use in R&D and to the support of mentors, we are on-track to soft-launch the app in August and deliver the machine in December.”

Having already claimed a number of awards for its invention including “The 6th HKU Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” and “The 2nd SJTU-Winning Smart Medical Challenge”, the start-up will be representing Hong Kong to compete in Mainland China’s Internet+ Competition in November 2020.

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