Cyberport debuted a FinTech training programme catered for financial practitioners. Named the “Cyberport Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme”, the year-long programme is designed to enrich Hong Kong’s FinTech talent pool, promote FinTech adoption by financial institutions, and speed up the digital transformation of the financial sector.

The Programme was conceived as a response to the government’s call for enhanced FinTech training for financial practitioners in last year’s Policy Address. It is expected that 2,000 practitioners will benefit from the training in the first year.
With the ongoing situation with the coronavirus, Cyberport has decided to host the first eight sessions as online workshops and to begin face-to-face classes when the health situation stabilises.
The first online workshop on “Customer Centricity” was hosted by Victor Lang, co-founder and COO of gini, one of Cyberport’s promising start-ups. Practitioners from several financial institutions joined the session to learn what consumers today expect from financial products and how new customer demands can be met when designing innovative financial products.
Thirty training courses covering an array of subjects will be offered in the year to come. The courses will be calibrated to the needs of in-service financial practitioners and decision-makers, encompassing such areas as digital assets management, virtual banks, open banking and APIs, innovation management, and the future of finance.
In addition to building new skills to excel in the new economy, financial practitioners who complete the training will receive a certificate from Cyberport and gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuous Professional Training (CPT) credits with the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and the Securities and Futures Commission, respectively.
“We are very encouraged by the overwhelming response from the financial industry towards the Programme,” said Eric Chan, Cyberport’s Chief Public Mission Officer. “Seeing that the demand for tech talent and tech training will only grow in the years to come, we are going to launch the Cyberport Academy this year to bolster the training and development of Hong Kong’s tech talent. We are off to a good start with the FinTech Training Programme, the first signature programme of the Academy, and will continue this momentum and make sure that our industries are ready to take on the digital age.”


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