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Current Asia helps businesses grow their revenue and build their brands.

Our data-driven marketing programs engage prospects and generate qualified leads.

Global leaders, start-ups and Asia-based companies rely on us to create and implement plans that drive revenue and reduce marketing costs. We tailor our approach to fit each client’s stage of development, business objectives, customer pain points and market position.

Services include:

  1. Jumpstart Marketing: Campaigns to achieve rapid traction and generate prospects
  2. Customer Acquisition: Targeted inbound marketing
  3. Prospect Nurturing: Building communities of customers, potential customers and advocates

Specific capabilities:

  • Digital marketing and sales enablement strategy
  • Campaign and content development
  • Microsites and landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Paid and organic social media
  • Email
  • Analytics and optimisation


About iStartup

[email protected], a one-stop platform run by Cyberport, is designed to connect tech start-ups to investors and users seeking innovative solutions. Through this virtual-pitching channel, tech companies can showcase their profile and products to attract funding and expand their business footprint.

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