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Jewellery Design & Creation Laboratory (Hong Kong) Limited
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There are no identical gemstones in this world, and every piece of fine jewellery has its distinctiveness that cannot be found anywhere; this is why fine jewellery companies can't advertise every piece of jewellery they have, which has limited their business opportunities.

Customers, especially laymen, would need to visit multiple stores before a purchasing decision could be made too. However tedious these tasks can be at times--especially if the customer has to ask the sellers one by one due to the uniqueness of fine jewellery.

At JDC LAB, we solve the problem by providing a real-time platform, facilitating customers to express their demand for specific jewellery products and receive product offerings from a multitude of sellers instantly, therefore enabling them to purchase jewellery more cost-effectively.

At the same time, the system also allows sellers to receive instant notification of a customers' demand, providing sellers access to buyers regardless of where the buyers are located, irrespective of their culture, time or status. It enables the sellers to showcase their product designs and bespoke jewellery offering and enlarge their customer base cost-efficiently and with ease.





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