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The world's first and leading Gamification & Social Media App for True Autonomous Multi-Asset & Multi-Strategy Investment Analysis, utilizing A.I.-Blockchain-based technology.

An Autonomous Diversified Asset Management Interface [A.D.A.M.-i], providing Multi-Asset & Multi-Strategy Investment and Financial Management analytic capabilities on its platform via the synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies — A.I.-Blockchain-driven Software-as-a-Service [AIBSaaS].

In essence, the ATPHIZYOM Platform is an Interactive & Autonomous Digital Interface that focuses on "Gamification of Investing"​ by combining "Multi-Asset Investment Analysis"​ with "Social Media & Gaming"​ to provide customized & affordable investment solutions for the average mass-market users globally.

"Scientifically Empowering the Art of Investment"​

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— ATPHIZYOM — is an "Early-Stage" Tech Start-Up Company based in Hong Kong founded about 18 months ago focused on disrupting the global Robo-Advisor & Digital Wealth Management industry by providing TRUE "Autonomization" vs. Existing "Automation" via an algorithmic-ecosystem invented & designed by our Founder (Adam Tso). ATPHIZYOM is an Interactive & Autonomous Digital Platform that combines "Multi-Asset Investment Analysis" + "Social Media & Gaming" [Gamification of Investing], via the synergy of Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technologies to provide "Customized & Affordable" Investment Solutions to the Average Mass-Market User globally. It is a Globally-Scalable, Geoprahically-Scalable & Demographically-Scalable Investment Solution — designed for a diverse spectrum of users (ranging from Average Mass-Market Users to Investment Professionals, Millenials to Retirees, etc. — across Age/Income/Skill-Level groups).

Our Mission is inspired by our Founder's lifelong dream to merge his 16+ years of professional industry experience from Wall-Street, with his technical academic training as a Cornell Engineer, to help "Normalize" global Income & Wealth Inequalities, provide "Financial Freedom & Independency" to the average mass-market user, and to "Democratize" Wall-Street caliber knowledge & resources by offering it as an Affordable Empowering Technology via a Fun-&-Easy autonomous interface accessible at the fingertips of average daily users. Please find some introductory information at our corporate website:

ATPHIZYOM is a locally-founded Hong Kong based Tech Start-Up, a Private Company and a Sponsored Member of the Cyberport Incubation Programme [Hong Kong].


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