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What is the ATPHIZYOM Platform?

ATPHIZYOM is the world’s first Metaverse [Web 3.0] for Augmenting the Human Intellect through Artificial Intelligence-guided Multi-Asset Virtual Investing, Gamification & Social Media Networking.

The ATPHIZYOM App is the world’s first and leading Gamification & Social Media App for True Autonomous Multi-Asset & Multi-Strategy Investment Analysis, utilizing A.I.-Blockchain-based technology.

The ATPHIZYOM Platform [Hong Kong Patent No. 30053901] is an interactive Autonomous Diversified Asset Management Interface [A.D.A.M.-i] that provides Multi-Asset & Multi-Strategy Investment and Financial Management analytic capabilities on its mobile and web platforms via the synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies — A.I.-Blockchain-driven Software-as-a-Service [AIBSaaS]. It does so by implementing a client-side encrypted stochastic algorithm that exploits the nature of different volatilities within and across diverse financial asset classes, to extract customized meaningful and actionable insights, thereby allowing both the amateur and professional caliber users to “independently” enhance the performance of their overall investment portfolios.

As an all-encompassing proprietary stochastic-algorithmic solution inspired & designed by ATPHIZYOM’s Founder, both the on-demand and semi/fully-autonomous aspects of the interactive interface allows independent users to take full control, in an automated fashion, of the process of managing their personal financial assets and investments within a professional framework, but without the need for external financial consultation. Moreover, the removal of any form of third-party financial advisory and investment management intermediary acting as middleman will significantly reduce the factor of bias and error that naturally exists within the flaws of the financial system and infrastructure.

The solution provided by the ATPHIZYOM Mobile & Web App aims not only to address the above financial “analytics-access” and investment “performance-enhancement” issues of various mass-market user profiles, but also to ultimately provide an interactive A.I.-Blockchain-driven Software-as-a-Service [AIBSaaS], which quintessentially is an Artificial Intelligence model in the form of a challenge-response verification system coupled with direct reward payments via Blockchain-driven protocol tokens (“App Coins”) on a decentralized & distributed network system that would amass big-data behavioral analytics in real-time from the indigenous A.I.-driven ecosystem (“ATPHIZYOM Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem” [AAIE]) and the native social environment (“ATPHIZA Social Network” [ASN]), in order to further enhance and fully autonomize the independent users’ financial investment management lifecycles, thereby “Scientifically Empowering the Art of Investment”.


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— ATPHIZYOM — is an “Early-Stage” Tech Start-Up Company based in Hong Kong, founded in 2017, specifically focused on disrupting the global Robo-Advisor & Digital Wealth Management industry by providing TRUE “Autonomization” vs. Existing “Automation” via an algorithmic Metaverse-Ecosystem invented & designed by our Founder (Adam Tso).

ATPHIZYOM is an Interactive & Autonomous Digital Platform that combines “Multi-Asset Investment Analysis” + “Social Media & Gaming” [Gamification of Investing] in a Virtual World, via the synergy of Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technologies to provide “Customized & Affordable” Investment Solutions to the Average Mass-Market User globally. It is a Globally-Scalable, Geographically-Scalable & Demographically-Scalable Investment Solution — designed for a diverse spectrum of users (ranging from Average Mass-Market Users to Investment Professionals, Millennials to Retirees, etc. — across Age/Income/Skill-Level groups).

Our Mission is inspired by our Founder’s lifelong dream to merge his 20+ years of professional industry experience from Wall-Street, with his technical academic training as a Cornell Engineer, to help “Normalize” global Income & Wealth Inequalities, provide “Financial Freedom & Independency” to the average mass-market user, and to “Democratize” Wall-Street caliber knowledge & resources by offering it as an Affordable Empowering Technology via a Fun-&-Easy Autonomous Virtual Reality Interface accessible at the fingertips of average daily users.

ATPHIZYOM is a locally-founded Hong Kong based Tech Start-Up, a Private Company and a Sponsored Member of the Cyberport StartUp Alumni Association (CSAA) [Hong Kong].

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